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Dealing with ADD and ADHD in life can be hard enough and often people will have to deal with this problem all throughout the childhood of the person. This can mean that a person with ADD and ADHD are having many of their own relationships while having to deal with this problem. The person suffering with ADD and ADHD can suffer from not being able to complete tasks as the person with ADD and ADHD will not be able to sit down and pay attention to one particular project for to long this often causes people with ADD to mutli-task or not get things completed at all. Often people with ADD and ADHD are wondering what is this disease going to do with my social life and ability to have a girl friend, I will explain some of the things that can be expected for relationships when having ADD and/or ADHD.

ADD And ADHD Problem For Relationships Not Being Able To Listen: People with ADD and ADHD have problems paying attention for long periods of time this can negatively effect a relationship as communication is one of the keys to having a successful relationship. Unsuccessful relationships and not being able to get into serious contact with another person can lead the person dealing with ADHD to become depressed. For ADD and ADHD there are medications that can help to allow the person with ADD or ADHD to listen and become more focused on one thing which helps the person with ADD. If a person has depression without ADD or ADHD you can try to take anti-depressants, as these are medical items used to heal people that are depressed.

ADD And ADHD Problem Finishing Jobs: Many people can get motivated and concentrated on a certain amount of work and then get this work completed often people with ADD or ADHD find it difficult to sit down and complete one task. This can be a major problem for anyone as a certain amount of work and steady work in life is involved to become someone who is successful in life. Treatment with a therapist can sometimes help a person with ADD or ADHD cope with day-to-day problems and find the strength to work through these problems one of the alternatives to this is an ADD or ADHD drug which would work to hold back the ADD or ADHD symptoms that a person is experiencing.

(Picture above is the % of people that have ADD and ADHD in the United States)

These are some of the problems that can face people suffering with ADD and ADHD remember these are just some of the problems that can happen due to this mental problem. Learning effective treatment methods is really the only thing a person with ADD or ADHD can mask the symptoms some people have been able to mask symptoms simply by trying but this in itself is not the right treatment option for everybody. If you have been trying to get over your ADD or ADHD symptoms then make sure to contact a doctor to get advice on what you could do to better treat your ADD or ADHD.

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